About Me

I have always loved doing crafts, trying myself in painting, drawing, pottery, knitting and all sorts of other art and craft forms.

I started working with glass 22 years ago and what started out as simply yet another crafts adventure soon grew into a passionate love affair with glass. I am a simultaneous interpreter by profession, so for over a decade I only immersed in this newly-found joy of mine in my free time. I started with stained glass objects and used the Tiffany technique at first but swiftly moved onto creating mosaic pieces instead because I found it sat better with my personality, allowing for way more flexibility, randomness and freedom.

Glass is fascinating, beautiful and versatile, with the ability to reflect, refract and diffuse light unlike any other medium and it was these features that have held me captive ever since I first set my eyes and hands on stained glass.

About 8 years ago, following the most devastating and heart-wrenching period of my life, I decided I would move to the countryside from the capital and start devoting more of my time to my passion and try to make it into my second and maybe eventually my primary profession. I was thinking of making more mosaic objects but around the same time, I started making jewellery out of glass for myself as a new adventure and because I realised that even though I passionately loved glass, I did not own any glass jewellery because the ones I had come across on the market were simply not the type of jewellery I would have picked for myself. So I made some for myself but that was all it was meant to be.

Not in a million years would I have thought that it would become a whole new passion but it did and did so almost overnight. Once I started, there was no stopping me. I made and started wearing my first pendants, and suddenly my friends started ordering them and then friends of friends looked me up to get my artwork and strangers in the street stopped me to inquire about the jewellery I was wearing.

It has opened a whole new world for me: I get to express myself through colours and shapes and I love every minute of it. The fact that more and more people also now find joy in looking at my artwork and wearing my pieces is certainly a significant added value and makes me immensely happy but it is the process of the designs taking shape in my mind and then coming to life between my hands that gives me the kind of pleasure I cannot even begin to describe.

I still love making mosaic wall-hangings, too and during the past couple of years I have added tie-dyed and nuno-felted silk scarves, as well as hand-painted silk wall-hangings and scarves and clay and porcelaine mosaic wall-hangings to my repertoire, and you can find all of the above in my shop now.


Last year we finally bought our own house in a tiny village and spent the past year renovating it. The bulk of the construction work is done so the floor is now mine to decorate and fill with colour the house, as well as the garden. 

It’s going to be a life-long multimedia crafts project for me and I am going to love every minute of it. 

Happy looking and shopping!